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You Can Get A Job!

Junior Achievement

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Junior Achievement of Central Indiana wanted to create a fun animation that would be used to introduce 2nd-grade students to the idea of exploring one's passions and personality traits and how those could relate to a career in the future. The video would play for the students before they would spend more time getting deeper into the idea in their classroom.

Together with JA, we decided a song would be the most fun way to deliver the message. But, we didn't have the budget to go out and get a songwriter and recording artist to create something for us, so we turned inward and used any skills we could find on the team. This animation found our Executive Producer writing and performing keys, guitar, and more to get the song started. Our Director, Matty McMahon wrote and sang the vocals. Our Sound Mixer, Andy Choka, recorded and mixed everything together. We also used our collection of kids to add an extra childish touch.