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Why I Bike

City of Indianapolis

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Knozone, an initiative to make Central Indiana one of the Midwest's most sustainable, livable regions, wanted to give Indianapolis residents some motivation to get out on their bicycles. Specifically, they wished to inspire those considering taking up biking to do so and those casual riders who might be on the fence about commuting on two wheels to try it out on Bike to Work Day.  We interviewed lots of riders about why they bike, and selected 3 riders to share their stories.

The Elements

Part of the biking narrative is accepting the weather as company along for the ride.  It just so happens, we got some gorgeous shooting days.  On the morning of our first shoot, the fog was thick, adding some natural drama to the story and giving it a different feel than the

The Scenery

With some cycling enthusiasts at the studio and so many recent improvements to the paths, trails, and bike lanes around Indy, we were chomping at the bit to show off Indianapolis’ cycling resources in this series. 

Camera moves

We shot much of the series in slow motion to bring attention sensation of biking and the experience of flowing through the surroundings.  In order to maintain a smooth feeling, keep up with the rider, and get a lot of footage in a lot of different locations in a short amount of time, our DP skated with rollerblades alongside the cyclists.

Color Grading

Each story is graded with a different style to help match the tone of the story

Coi Ronak Before Coi Ronak After


Through education, resources and guidance for taking action, Knozone works with residents and businesses to improve our region's air quality, making Central Indiana a great place to live, work and visit.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with TrendyMinds and the City of Indianapolis, we provided ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, motion graphics, and finishing.