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Space Exploration

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation

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Books help us imagine new worlds, new versions of ourselves, and new possibilities.  With that in mind, the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation tapped us to create a campaign that could bring their theme “It’s More Than You Imagine” to life.  We set out to create a visual journey to illustrate the link between reading, imagination and how the Library Foundation supports families and their dreams through programs like Summer Reading.

Visual Choices

To capture the spark of imagination, we needed every detail to fit somewhere between practical and magical.  We used vintage anamorphic lenses and dreamlike lighting to blend the real world with our character’s dreams.  The lenses brought interesting flares of light and a subtle, but important, texture to each frame.  Using strategic locations and meticulous scheduling around the sun’s path, we achieved the look we wanted with a small crew and minimal lighting equipment.

Visual Effects

The space between a dream and reality is a space we love, but also a tough one to convey without a little magic.  After testing many options, we decided the library’s message of bringing imagination to life would be best conveyed by using visual effects as a seamless part of the environment, the same way our character would see them.

Space Breakdown Img No Vfx Space Breakdown Img Vfx

Check out the full breakdown of the planets shot.

The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation

The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation promotes patronage and secure support for the advancement of programs, services and facilities of The Indianapolis Public Library to benefit a diverse learning community.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with Tactic Marketing and the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, we brought this project to life by providing ideation, concept creation, script writing, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, visual effects, and finishing.