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Shazam Customer Film


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Producing a customer success film about Shazam and Salesforce was a dream project. Music can be such a powerful trigger for people, and this story was centered around moments that matter. We chose to take the audience on a journey from when an audiophile hears a new song for the first time all the way up to when she attends a live performance — turning a digital experience into a real world connection. 

Case Study Complexities

Almost anyone with a smart phone is familiar with Shazam, the music ID app consistently on the list of top downloads. But their business model shifted more recently to make Shazam closer to an advertiser. Therefore, we were challenged to include this change in the telling of our story. 

Sound Design 

To tell a story about music identification, we knew that sound design would need to play a major role in creating a sensory experience. We establish a noisy metropolis and share the perspective of hearing a song so compelling that the sounds of the city seem to wash away, allowing the music to take hold. 

Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour events bring the Customer Success Platform straight to attendees — giving them the opportunity to connect with their customers in a whole new way. Case studies, like the Shazam Customer Film, are a hallmark of main stage presentations. 

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with TrendyMinds and Salesforce, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, location scouting, on-set direction, cinematography, sound design, editing, visual effects, and finishing.