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ReImagine the Future

Interactive Intelligence

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To kick off their annual convention, Interactions, Interactive Intelligence sought to create a vision of future customer communications.  We produced an opening film focused on trends in interpersonal interaction, to show as traditional communication wanes, personal touch and dependency won’t.  

Personal Connection

To ensure we could convey the scale of global innovation, we scoped out locations in Panama, New York and Indiana, allowing us to collaborate with people from our own personal lives.  Given the theme of interpersonal relationships in the piece, having our own connections involved on location helped accomplish the desired feel more than we could have imagined.

Visual Effects

The near future is a hard place to picture.  We took a trip down a memory lane of obsolete devices to grasp the speed at which technology races, and came to a realization.  WARNING:  It’s about to get deep.  Technology speeds stuff up. So, the near future would look like today, but faster.  With this in mind, used visual effects style to accent the beautiful moments of life the same way technology is often designed to accent and improve the way we experience our surroundings.

Ini Nyc Before Ini Nyc After
Ini Hockey Before Ini Hockey After
Ini Translation Phone Before2 Ini Translation Phone After

Additional Details

In partnership with Interactive Intelligence, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, location procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, visual effects, and finishing.