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Reading Adventures

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation

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As part of the campaign, It's More Than You Imagine, The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation wanted to highlight one of its most supported programs, On the Road to Reading. The spirit of the program, which involves traveling story-times, is to get children reading and experiencing the power of books early in their development.  Our idea was a literal deep-dive into the imagination with an underwater story-time.

The Recipe

Take a dozen pre-school aged children and put them in a small, somewhat complicated space. Add a story about the ocean, a few props, and...Voilà! 

Let's just say this scene came with its own unique challenges.  With a flexible attitude and a dedicated hypeman to keep the kids having fun, the team embraced the chaos and cooked up some magic.

Visual Effects

Our Visual Effects team created an entire underwater ecosystem complete with custom-rigged fish, wavy plants, and a giant stingray. We studied the way fish move, filmed bubbles in the studio, and obsessed over lighting to create an immersive imaginary environment.

Low Angle Breakdown Before Low Angle Breakdown After

Check out the full breakdown of the low angle sting ray shot.

The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation

The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation promotes patronage and secure support for the advancement of programs, services and facilities of The Indianapolis Public Library to benefit a diverse learning community.

Capacities Provided

In partnership with Tactic Marketing and the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, visual effects, and finishing.