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Only In My Dreams

Think Ahead Studios

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This short film was a passion project for the entire studio. The team wanted to make something truly original and push ourselves creatively.

The film is about a young man who has to choose between the real world or the world that exists in his dreams. We wanted the dream world to feel different from the real world, but we still wanted it to be tethered to reality. That way you understood how the dream world could feel so real to the main character.

To achieve this, we shot the real world and the dream world in the same aspect ratio, but we used different lenses. Scenes in the real world were shot with spherical lenses. Scenes in the dream world were shot with anamorphic lenses. We also separated the worlds through color. The real world scenes are more flat, and the dream world scenes really pop.

Production for the film took place over six days with a bare bones crew. Film locations were all around Indianapolis.