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Oh, Cardboard Box


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BoxUp came to us needing a promotional video that really gets at the “WHY” behind using a BoxUp box instead of other standard brown boxes. With a goal of inspiring the viewer to take action, we knew creating a fun concept would lend itself to accomplishing a high VTR (view through rate) and leave the viewer with a completely positive look at the BoxUp product.

The Idea

Our approach was to create a poetic ode to the boring nature of plain cardboard boxes while showing people reacting indifferent or uninterested toward the boxes blandness. That is until a BoxUp box arrives on the scene and the narrator changes his tone, declaring a love for the "new" cardboard box.


BoxUp is a custom-design packaging company located in Terre Haute, IN who is empowering businesses, organizations and individuals by bringing new levels of customization to their corrugated packaging.

Capabilities Provided

We provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on-set direction, cinematography, voice recording, editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and finishing.