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Hurst's HamBeens

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Creating a project for a 79 year old family-owned local company led us down a path of exploring a modern family and how they might make the most of using Hurst beans for dinners.

Pre-production Work

We worked through every detail of the spot with our client. We scouted several locations for each scene, looked through hundreds of on-camera talent options, created ten different script versions, compiled a wardrobe style guide and created an animatic of the storyboards with scratch track.

Video Distribution

The spot was created for television and can be seen nationally on the Food Network.

N.K. Hurst Company

The N.K. Hurst Company was established as a family business in 1938, beginning a long history in the food business with the trading and distribution of sugar. Since 1948, the Hurst name is recognized in the industry as being a first quality packager of edible dry beans. The Company is still proudly owned and operated by the second, third, and fourth generation Hurst families.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with Tactic Marketing and the N.K. Hurst Company, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, color grading and finishing.