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Jewel Collection

Kenra Color

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Created for the annual hair styling event, Behind the Chair, we worked with Kenra Color to create a high-energy opening piece for their team of stylists to come out on the stage to.

Studio Style

Kenra Color had twelve hair styles, one for each month and it’s gemstone. We filmed everything practically in our studio with props that represented and worked with each gemstone.

Video Editing and Effects

The edit needed to be high energy to grab attention and compete with the other videos playing at the event. Our visual effects team added glitches and other effects throughout to bring more energy and style to the video.

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Kenra Color

Founded in 1929, Kenra Professional® has a passion for developing award-winning, performance-driven hair products for stylists and salons. Kenra Professional is positioned with three unique brands, Kenra, Kenra Platinum, and Kenra Color.

Capabilities Provided

Cinematography, sound editing, video editing, visual effects, and finishing.