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Indy Ultimate

Indiana Sports Corp

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Indiana Sports Corp needed a fresh take on promoting their newest event, Indy Ultimate. Incorporating amazing challenges and a 7-mile run through downtown Indianapolis’ most iconic venues, the race has the potential to double in size after just 1 year.  Using existing footage and photography from last year’s inaugural event, we put together three TV spots that brought out the energy the event inspires.

The Concept

Let the event speak for itself.  We developed a two-tone look to highlight ISC’s brand colors  and leverage the grey look from the rainy footage, taking it from wet and gloomy to gritty and exciting.  By combining quick cuts and fast-paced moments from the race with “feaux slo-mo” the piece calls attention to the information about the race and keeps the focus on the excited participants

Lady Soccer Before Lady Soccer After

Visual Effects

The effect of ultra slow motion in the video was actually achieved by cutting up the photos and animating the action in them for added dynamic energy

Indiana Sports Corp

A not-for-profit organization founded in 1979 as the nation’s first sports commission. Their events are broadcast around the world and bring national and international attention to the area.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with Indiana Sports Corp, we provided writing, ideation, concept creation, sound design, editing, visual effects, motion graphics and finishing.