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Giant Leaps


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As the World demands different forms of energy, Cummins is ready to deliver. Hydrogen is one of those alternative energy forms. And Hydrogen got its start in the space program. Thankfully Cummins has a space connection. One of their board members, Franklin Chang Diaz, is a former astronaut. Franklin and two other Cummins VPs discuss the future of Cummins and how Hydrogen is part of their path forward.

Having an astronaut on your team is something to be proud of. But if that astronaut is also a big promoter of Hydrogen, an avenue Cummins is actively pursuing, then you make a film about it.

Between the multiple acquisitions and investments, it's not a secret that Cummins is going heavy into the Hydrogen market. It's part of their strategy to meet the market where it's at. Cummins wanted a film to show this progress in that market and how committed they are to being a leader in future forms of energy.

Most of the visuals in this film were from previous film partnerships with Cummins and stock footage. We filmed at the Indianapolis headquarters for the interviews and utilized minimal b-roll footage.

The film was shot on the Sony F55 with a crew of four.