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Filmmaker Stories

Heartland Film

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A Filmmaker's Journey

Partnering with Heartland Film has allowed us to tell fun stories that capture the spirit of the Heartland International Film Festival. This particular story captured some of the struggles and excitement that happen when making a film, many of which we experienced while filming this piece.

Inspiring Filmmakers

Partnering with the Heartland Film Festival to create our own little short film was a dream project for us. Our team worked together to create a large variety of fun concepts and stories to tell, ultimately landing on one that felt perfect for the spirit of the festival.

Leaning on Visuals

There has been a trend for several years of using voice-over to guide the viewer through short stories. We knew for this one that we would want this feel more like a narrative film that you might see at Heartland rather than a commercial. So, we decided to write a simple visual story that would capture a filmmakers journey.


We had to call on every connection and person we could get to help throughout this project. We had so many wonderful people donate their time and space to make this project a reality including the actors, crew, extras, and locations. Each person poured their soul into achieving our vision without too much compromise.

Heartland Film

Heartland Film is a nonprofit arts organization founded in 1991 with the mission to inspire filmmakers and audiences through the transformative power of film. Heartland Film is a curator and supporter of purposeful filmmaking, honoring a wide variety of cinema and awarding storytellers from all over the world.

Capabilities Provided

We provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, location scouting, on-set direction, cinematography, sound design, editing, visual effects, and finishing.