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Fifty Years

Indiana Arts Commission

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To celebrate 50 years of the Indiana Arts Commission, we created a piece of Indiana Art. From concept to completion, we collaborated with Indiana artists for a vivid look at the tradition and innovation in the arts throughout Indiana’s past and present.

Indiana Artists

We talk a lot about the value of collaboration A LOT, and this piece embodies our attitude perfectly. Our team had the privilege of meeting and working with an incredible pool of Indiana artists. The Indiana Poet Laureate, Shari Wagner, wrote the poem which narrates the piece, and the Poetry Out Loud winner performs it, breathing life into each syllable.  A Butler dancer is featured, Butler students composed and performed the score, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Indiana Landscape

The correlation between the nature of Indiana and the art created here is undeniable.  The influence of the landscape emerge in the visual arts, and the environment shines through in the songs, performances, and words that originate in the Hoosier state.

Iac Dancer Before Iac Dancer After

Indiana Arts Commission

Serves the citizens of Indiana by funding, encouraging, promoting and expanding all the arts.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with the Indiana Arts Commission, we provided ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, and finishing.