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Dunkin' Donuts Film


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Creating a customer story for Salesforce about Dunkin’ Donuts provided a great opportunity to show the power of technology through grounded storytelling. Dunkin' Donuts appeals to such a wide range of customers, we focused on the idea that their product (enabled by Salesforce) brings generations together.

Location, Location, Location

To tell the story of how Salesforce assists Dunkin’ in their mission, our team created a sunup to sundown storyline revolving around a grandfather and grandson who share a passion for life, coffee, and donuts.  Following our characters through a day in their lives meant 6 locations, 2 cities, and lots of collaboration.

Screens from the Future

To show mobile technology at its very best, some software screens that were in development would need to be tracked to screens AFTER scenes were filmed. Involving our Visual Effects Department early in the pre-production process pushed this project toward success from the very beginning.  Our VFX wizards communicated needs for lighting, camera movement, and tracking points to the Camera Department to ensure screen replacements would run smoothly and accurately.

Sfc Dunkin Laptop Before Sfc Dunkin Laptop After


Dreamforce is Salesforce’s largest event of the year — an annual gathering of the greatest minds in technology to learn, connect, and grow. Case studies, like the Dunkin' Customer Film, are a hallmark of main stage presentations.

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with TrendyMinds and Salesforce, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, visual effects, and finishing.