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Customer Journey


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To build excitement about the new Social Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we personified the idea of customer loyalty in a coming-of-age journey. Individuals differ on which brands we favor, but brands that succeed in establishing long-lasting impact connect connect with us on a more personalized level.


To pull this story off, both in terms of efficiency and authenticity, we invested heavily in the plan. This initial phase included a detailed treatment every beat beat in the story, a fully developed script, printed photos, a wardrobe look book, location scouting and storyboards. 

Motion Graphics

This piece depended heavily on believable interactions, so we built out massive Facebook and Twitter feeds to make each online touch feel real. Our photo timelines clearly showed the passing of time and significant moments in the couple’s life together.  Some of the photos area actually of other people (our team), because we’re sneaky like that.  We then made the posts feel like they belong in the scene by mimicking the on-screen character interactions.

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Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio helps customers use social media marketing to listen, analyze, publish, and engage across networks. 

Capabilities Provided

In partnership with TrendyMinds and Salesforce, we provided script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on set direction, cinematography, storyboarding, sound design, editing, visual effects, motion graphics and finishing.